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Glenisla Developments Limited is a Scottish property development company established in 2016.

Glenisla Developments Limited (GDL) is a Scottish property development company established in 2016. Glenisla Developments Limited acquired a 140 acre site in 2016 adjacent to the town of Alyth, near Blairgowrie, Perthshire with a view to constructing a large property development comprising 60 bed care home, 200+ residential units and nine commercial units.

Glenisla Developments Limited is a Scottish property development company established in 2016.

Malcolm Officer

Malcolm has 30+ years experience in residential and commercial property funding. He has wide knowledge of structuring property developments, assessing total costs, funding levels, repayment strategies and profit forecasts. Malcolm was employed from 1981 to 2005 by UK Banks including RBS, HBOS, Clydesdale Bank and HSBC, with 15+ years at Director level in corporate banking.

Malcolm is involved in all non-construction parts of the business including development funding, care home partnership/management, sales & marketing, development strategy and general business management.

George Fairley

George has enjoyed a long history in house-building spanning 30+ years. Pre-recession he ran a large house-building company (Fairley Homes) employing 25 staff and completing numerous large residential properties. Upon acquisition of the Pitcrocknie land and buildings, George became the Development and Construction Director of Glenisla Developments Limited joining the professional team assembled to drive the project forward and provide valuable construction expertise.

George has a long track record in mainstream residential development, having successfully built and sold houses in the Scottish Central Belt.

In time, the Village will be home to about 350 residents, within a 10 minute walk from Alyth.

Developers and builders Glenisla Developments Limited (GDL) have made very good progress since acquisition of the site in October 2016. A new rural community "Pitcrocknie Village" is being developed adjacent to the market town of Alyth, near Blairgowrie In Perthshire, Scotland. The location is only 15 miles from the City of Dundee with a population of 200,000 and 19 miles from Perth, population 60,000. The Village will comprise a state-of-the-art 60 bed care home specially designed for Dementia care, 200+ houses (mostly bungalows) constructed in phases, and 9 business/commercial units.

GDL owns 140 acres of land for the development which also includes the 9 hole Glenisla Golf Course managed by and rented to the adjacent Alyth Golf course, and although currently closed, a bar/restaurant in the previous Glenisla Golf Course Clubhouse which can hold up to 150 people for functions, events etc. The residential houses will be built and sold over a number of phases, and the area will be carefully landscaped with existing woodlands, burns, ponds, gardens and cycle/walking/buggy paths. In time, the Village will be home to about 350 residents, within a 10 minute walk from Alyth which has a population of 3,500 and all amenities including hotels/restaurants/bars, medical centre, retail, church and commercial businesses.

As of June 2023, the care home building is erected and wind & watertight, due to be completed and open by the summer of 2024, and operated by Care Concern Group. There are 50 houses now sold and occupied at the development, with another 25 houses under construction in Phase 3. Over the next 3 to 4 years, Pitcrocknie Village will mature into a first class location for a mix of ages, comprising over 200 houses, the care home and leisure/business facilities

The care home was designed in close association with global specialists in Dementia living and care

The care home is under construction and will be completed for opening by the summer of 2024. 30 rooms will cater for specialist dementia care, with the remaining 30 rooms for the frail and elderly. The care home was designed in close association/consultation with a large care home management company and global specialists in Dementia living and care at Stirling University.

Phase 1 houses consisting of 18 bungalows and 2 two-storey houses were sold and occupied by June 2021. Phase 2 houses comprising 30 bungalows were launched in the summer of 2021, all 2 and 3 bedrooms and 5 house types. All Phase 2 houses have been sold and occupied. Phase 3 of 25 houses, mostly bungalows and again 5 house types, is currently under construction, with the first house sold and occupied in May 2023. All Phase 3 houses are due to be completed and sold by early 2024, with Phase 4 due to start in late 2023.

Pitcrocknie Village will offer a high-quality mix of housing, specialist healthcare services, and leisure and commercial facilities when completed and fully occupied. GDL also plans to investigate assisted living/care-in-the-home facilities for the residents of the Village out-with the care home. The Village will be “age-friendly", welcoming a mix of residents young and old, with access to specialist care, extensive landscaped areas including Glenisla Golf Course, which will offer discounted membership to residents, walking distance to the social "hub" of the Bar & Restaurant (currently closed), and all amenities available from the adjacent town of Alyth itself. The popular town of Blairgowrie is only 5 miles from the Village, with further extensive facilities.